Max Emerson is a writer, actor and model originally from Vero Beach, Florida. He graduated from the University of Miami’s theatre conservatory in 2009 with a BFA in Performance/Directing. There he wrote and directed theatrical and film productions, the latter of which were premiered in Miami and screened at festivals across the United States. 

His novel “Hot Sissy- Life Before Flashbulbs” debuted in Miami, with a limited print of 500 copies (complete with original polaroid). They are nearly sold out. The E-Book is for sale at all major online vendors, and free to anyone currently in high school (through the aforementioned website). 

Currently, Max is has crowdsourced funds for a film called “Hooked”. Half of the proceeds from the film will go to benefit not-for-profit organizations whose missions align with the cause.

You can track the progress of "HOOKED" at youtube.com/TheMaxVicious

Max is currently based in Los Angeles, but spends more than half of his time in other cities around the world. Check his Instagram to find out #whereInTheWorld Max is today: www.instagram.com/Maxisms