HOOKED follows Jack and his gender-fluid boyfriend Tomás in New York City. They’ve run away from home instead of being sent to “behavior modification camps” and resort to sex-work in order to build a better life for themselves.

I used my social media following to crowd-fund the full-length feature film about LGBT youth and half of the profits will go to benefit affiliated not-for-profit organizations. The core goal is to multiply charitable donations for the cause through the success of a film project that simultaneously brings public awareness to the issue.


Trailer and other information available at www.HookedProject.com



In the USA alone, LGBT youth are 8 times more likely to end up homeless as a direct result of homophobia. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, LGBT homeless youth are 7.4 Times more likely to experience acts of sexual violence than their heterosexual counterparts. Over 58% of these kids have been sexually victimized. Their suicide rate is more than two times higher as well. It’s even common for “normal” shelters to simply refuse to serve transgender kids. 


“It’s apparent that LGBT kids need a place they can go to be safe... to find guidance from people who actually identify with the things they are going through. It’s not special treatment, it’s a necessity.” –Maxat European Diversity Awards

(video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn6b9jaBqkM)



  • Tax deductions for larger donors will be available once the film reaches the distribution stage. 
  • Partner organizations include Ali Forney Center (NY), LA LGBT Center, Albert Kennedy Trust (UK), Lost and Found, and GLAAD. 

The Team:

Max Emerson is a writer and director with a substantial social media following. He also has successful careers as both an actor and model. Last year he published a limited edition of his novel “Hot Sissy- Life Before Flashbulbs” while providing free E-books to anyone in school or unable to afford a copy (www.HotSissy.com). 

  • Instagram @Maxisms has 490,000+ followers
  • Youtube.com/theMaxVicious has 80,000+ subscribers (4.5 million views), Web-series “Max’s Underpants” costarring Willam Belli and Colby Melvin has reached over 2.2 million viewers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpBIv-MMWjI
  • Recently debuted HOOKED promotion “Kriegerisms” on Youtube has already gone viral with the option of becoming a formal web series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdR8qTHScfc
  • Spoke at European Diversity Awards 2015 https://youtu.be/5FsK42yPTHU, hosted Ali Forney’s donor drive Oct 26, hosting cell phone giveaway at Lost and Found in Dec. 

Harlan Gulko / ID PR is managing press and development. Relevant film history includes “Brokeback Mountain”, “Milk” and “Dallas Buyers Club”.

IP Precise is handling all legal issues for the project from concept to market. www.ipprecise.com

Braden Summers is the photographer behind the campaign’s promotional images. His most recent work was Todrick Hall’s “Gaga” video and Marriot Hotels’ “Love Travels” compelling LGBT campaign. www.BradenSummers.com

Tom Goss is a well-known folk musician based in LA. He and Max collaborated on a single called “Not Enough” to promote HOOKED. Billboard.com recently featured the song. Tom’s most recent album is titled “Breath and Sound”  http://www.tomgossmusic.net/











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Project Highlights

  • LGBT youth homelessness is a silent epidemic that needs immediate intervention.
  • Post production’s expected completion date is March 7, 2017, with a world premier in NYC in the summer. 
  • HOOKED has achieved massive amounts of positive press in just the introductory portion of the fundraising stage. Artists like Todrick Hall, Willam Belli, Bianca Del Rio, Pablo Hernandez and Braden Summers have already volunteered their time for this project.
  • Larger contributions will multiply their efforts in supporting the cause by going through Hooked, while still getting tax deductions when the film is distributed.
  • The charitable organizations benefited by this project are easily the largest and most reputable in their region. On shoe-string budgets, each one tirelessly serves their community and makes a world of difference in countless young lives every day.